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We're looking for people who are extremely intelligent, creative, and capable of caring.

Senior Software Engineer

We're looking for our first in-house software engineer who is a genius at building things from scratch and could help us launch new modules and serve thousands more uninsured people.

Adept at NodeJS/JS/Typescript, AWS ecosystem, and cloud architecture.
Have built consumer one or more facing platforms from scratch.

Compensation: competitive annual base salary + cash bonus + a significant equity package

Head of Product Engineering (Director/VP)

Product development is an essential part of what we do. Mira is looking to bring the premium digital health experience to those who need it the most - the uninsured and underinsured.

We are looking for an experienced product or engineering manager to join our team. To be successful at this position, you must have at least 5 years of experience building and growing a consumer platform to $2MM+ ARR. You have hired and managed a team of 5+ front end engineers, backend engineers, fullstack engineers, and/or UX designers. You have a strong desire to become a product leader in a fast growing organization and posess excellent cross-function communication skills.

Compensation: competitive annual base salary + cash bonus + a significant equity package

Are you different? We may be looking for you.


You are scrappy, overly analytical, and you love building software from beginning to end. Nothing is too hard, nor easy.

Growth Hackers

You are overly competitive and you like to constantly beat your last records. You love talking to people and you want to help them make their lives better.


You like building processes, putting out fire. You find yourself rallying people to achieve a common goal. You can't stand status quo!

the four criteria we're looking for

We are looking for people with these four instrinsics.

Bias For

Leaders live with an inate desire to leave a legacy. They always start with the end-user and work backwards.

Bias For

Speed matters a lot in a startup. We like doers, those who can execute ruthlessly and deliver at 90th percentiles. We are also brutally honest when you can't perform.

Bias For

Natural leaders are externally aware of new ideas. They try to figure out the many ways others think so they can simplify the concept to a common understandable point.

Bias For

True leaders never say "that's not my job" or "what's in it for me". They put a lot of care and thoughts in the product, and they think beyond themselves or their own team.