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Urgent Care
How much will my urgent care visit cost? 🤒
Your copay with Mira is $99 all-inclusive.
What happens if I need a Flu test or X-ray?
All of that is covered under your Mira membership! 😊

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80% Off Drugs

Over 1000 formulas at 80% off
Birth control
PrEP assistance program

$99 Urgent Care

Flu symptoms
Infections (UTI, abcess, cyst)
Sprain, strain, Xrays
Skin conditions
And more

Same day lab tests

Comprehensive blood count
Metabolic panel
Thyroid functions
Urine analysis
STD panel (and treatments)
Lipid panel (cholesterol)
Vitamin D
$0 At-Home COVID Test
$0 Antibody test

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World-class member care.

Even if we don't offer it, we can help you find it.

Our world-class member care team helped hundreds of people negotiate existing medical bills, find specialist care outside of Mira.

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