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My doctor visit was fantastic, it would have been over $500 without Mira!! 🙌🙌
Of course. You also have access to unlimited $5 virtual care, lab tests, prescription and gym discounts.
What happens if I need a routine bloodwork or like an X-ray??
All of that is included under your Mira membership! 😊
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Mira is a more affordable way to get healthcare.

Mira is like Costco but for your healthcare. You pay a fixed membership fee and we work with providers to get you the best rates. When needing care, you can find, book, and pay using the Mira app.

In-person urgent care

Virtual care

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Behavioral health

Routine bloodwork

STD test


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(including in-clinic tests)

(5 sessions/year)

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(including script if positive)

Up to 80% off


$25 - $60



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(plus $150+ doctor order)


Full price


Pay out of pocket

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"Literally a whole health system at your fingertips. I can get bloodwork, test for STD, and see a doctor the sameday. Click click click, and done." - James L.
"Finding Mira has been the best! Just when I needed it, it showed up. And the staff of Mira are so on top of things." - Shakti M.
"I would absolutely recommend Mira. Not only is the coverage wonderful but the customer service is truly unmatched." - Casey M.

See the difference yourself.

With or without insurance, use the saving calculator below and see how much you can save with Mira.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mira exactly?
How is Mira so much cheaper than insurance?
I am only interested in insurance. How can Mira help me?
What does Mira cover?
Can I avoid the tax penalty with Mira?
Can I get Mira for my company?
Easy. Affordable. Transparent.

But what else?

Powered by technology.

Find. Book. Pay.
Using the Mira App.

Get same or next day appointment in 30 seconds or less.

Super portable.

No employment needed.

You can use Mira with or without insurance. 1 out of 5 members uses Mira + a high deductible or catastrophic plan to save on average $1000 a year.

World-class member care.

Even if we don't offer it, we can help you find it.

Our world-class member care team helped hundreds of people negotiate existing medical bills, find specialist care outside of Mira.

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