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meet mira.

Essential healthcare coverage at $45/mo.

Simple plans. Transparent benefits. Convenient locations. Affordable copays. 5-minute to enroll.

Get peace of mind with access to virtual primary care, virtual behavioral health, urgent care, labs, and more.

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Here’s what many of our customers are dealing with right now:


Expensive medical expenses
If you’re paying out of pocket for healthcare expenses, then you know how quickly medical services add up.

Things get overwhelming without insurance, so it’s no wonder most people give up annual doctor’s visits. Medicare care just isn’t an option until a real emergency happens… and then what?


Surprise medical bills
Just because you’ve managed to cover the cost of the appointment doesn’t mean you’re in the clear.

Surprise expenses are common among private-insurance patients. They can amount to more than $1,200 for anesthesia services, $2,600 for surgical assistants, and $750 for childbirth-related care.


Crazy deductibles
Let’s be real. Being insured doesn’t always guarantee affordable care when you need it.

Most health plan deductibles are $2,000 - $6,000 alone, which means unless you reach that amount, you’re paying out of pocket.

Your Benefits

Accessible care when you need it.
At-home COVID+Flu test
Virtual primary care
Urgent care
Lab tests
Mental health therapy
Specialist & imaging referrals
Dedicated member care
Gym membership discounts
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*Mira is a non-insurance membership. At this point, our $25-60/mo plans are not able to cover sugery and hospital. Members can add other accidental or catastrophic insurance on top to get comprehensive coverage.

Here is what we cover:

No deductible. Affordable copays. 50-state coverage.

Getting in and out of my clinic appointment was fast. They were already expecting me, so I was able to resolve my issues quickly. It was also great knowing how much it would cost.

Rikesh Patel
Brooklyn, NY

I got to the LabCorps that you spoke to, and their entire system was down, but because you already sent in my paperwork, I was the only patient they were able to see… The customer service of this company is really incredible. Even the people I’ve spoken to on the phone with have been super helpful and patient.

Bella Ridley
Houston, TX

The center was spacious, clean, and everyone was professional and safe. Mira was simple to use and exactly what I expected from it.

C Lucia
Los Angeles, CA

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12-month commitment
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3-month commitment
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Lowest Copay

6-month commitment
Lowest copays for doctor visits.
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*All plans offer access to the same services

Mira helps you keep more money in your pocket

Access our partnered urgent care clinics, virtual care solutions for behavioral health and primary care services, discount prescriptions, and cost-effective lab testing for a fixed membership fee.

When you need care, the Mira app allows you to find a medical provider, book your appointment, and pay in a snap.

StEep member discounts
Our members get the low-cost healthcare coverage they need at a price they can feel good about.
50+ state coverage
As the first of our kind, we go above and beyond the standard prescription and lab discounts.
no deductibles
Traditional health insurance has high fees and deductibles. Good thing we’re more affordable than most insurance plans.
absurdly low copays
We keep copays affordable and accessible to as many people as possible. With copays as low as $5 — a huge difference from the usual $200+ out of pocket.

Mira is anything but ordinary

You want the medical care difference at a price that doesn’t make you cringe. We’re here to deliver.

Ready to go in a matter of minutes

Forget the invasive questions and long, tedious setup you’re used to with most health insurance providers. We keep things short and sweet, so you’re ready to book your first appointment in a snap — that same day.We also ignore all those “rules” that say we can’t cover people of certain age ranges or with pre-existing conditions. Everyone deserves health coverage, including you.

Support when you need it the most

Need to schedule a medical visit? How about bloodwork or an STD test? Piece of cake. Log into our members-only Navigation portal, tell us what you need, and we'll take care of the rest. We'll contact the providers, obtain pricing information, and set up options, so all you have to do is choose the right fit.

Coverage for your whole family

We get it. Unless you’re single, you aren’t interested in anything aside from a family healthcare coverage plan.
So bring everyone along with you. Mira’s Navigation portal makes it easy to add family members (and dependents 11 years or older) to your plan for an additional rate based on your subscription. Don’t worry — it’s all affordable.

Ready to start saving on everything from annual doctor’s visits to gym memberships?

Mira is the perfect health insurance alternative. We offer access to  essential care like urgent care and mental health, and keep all your costs accessible. So don’t wait — book your first doctor’s appointment today.

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